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Andrea Dworkin on free speech, heterosexuality, ‘erotica’, her writing and more.

Below is an interview with Andrea Dworkin that appeared in Radically Speaking.  And for your convenience, here are links to the interview in PDF (searchable), Epub, and Kindle (mobi) formats.  NOTE: You can download all of Andrea Dworkin’s books from here: Dworkin on … Continue reading

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“there’s power in the sex workers union”

“There’s power in the sex workers union” was a search term that found this blog yesterday. And as it turns out, “There’s Power in a Sex Workers Union” is a real thing. SEX WORKERS UNION there is power in the … Continue reading

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Rote Zora

“[I]n 1974 when Germany was still divided into East and West. A group of women got together on the western, democratic side of the wall and formed an anti-patriarchal group named after the red-haired, Robin Hood-like heroine of the 1941 … Continue reading

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The Wimmin’s Fire Brigade

The manifesto above is from Ann Hansen’s Direct Action: Memoirs Of An Urban Guerrilla, and the description below is also Ann appearing in 13 Women: Parables from Prison. Below are a few more articles about the Wimmin’s Fire Brigade. Canadian Women’s … Continue reading

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Freedom Porn

Rebecca Mott recently wrote about an important myth among leftists: There is a myth that porn would be ok if only it was not commercial. Then it would be done with real emotions, there would be no coercion, it would by … Continue reading

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Why no one should use that word: Kyriarchy instead of Patriarchy

As more and more bloggers adopt the term “kyriarchy”, I have to state that I’m deeply skeptical of “kyriarchy” as a coherent and novel concept and also for its likely use as reactionary propaganda. Admittedly I haven’t read the original book where … Continue reading

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